Seeing everything as beautiful, as an artist I am granted the gift of allowing the energy of a moment to express itself in form in a way that lives beyond itself. Color, lines, composition all combine to reveal the soul of nature, uncovering the inner beauty of its very being. Thus can the dance that is life be frozen in a way that can continue to be received anew as time unfolds. It is my joy to create forms that invite those who witness them to move through the portrayed moment into the timeless and boundless realms of eternity and infinity that are the true being of us all
— Georji Busha

Georjean Busha has created realistic sculptures of farm and show animals in bronze for the past 25 years for which she has received recognition. In 2005, she added painting in oil and pastel to her repertoire. She has been awarded the Art Spirit Foundation/ Dianne B. Bernhard Gold Medal for Excellence for her pastel painting "Ken's Bucky" (Pastel Journal - April 2009).

Her understanding of animal anatomy has been key to rendering singular figures in oil and pastel painting.  Her artwork has appeared on the cover of Australian Shepherd Annual 2003. Photographs of her dogs and their accomplishments appeared on the cover of Life Magazine in 1979 in All About Aussies and in A Celebration of Rare Breeds. She has been published and interviewed in numerous magazines.  A Hall of Fame dog breeder, judge and instructor she continues to train her dogs with livestock and compete in herding competitions.


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